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WalkOVR solves three problems in VR:
• nausea and motion sickness,
• incomplete immersive experience caused by the lack of body movement,
• lack of open world movement, infinite space of movement

WalkOVR is world’s most lightweight, lowest volume, high frictional and flat locomotion platform that allows users literally use their body to walk, run, crouch and jump naturally & freely in Virtual Reality (VR).
WalkOVR lets VR users literally walk, run, crouch or jump in VR and this type of body action does not create a contradiction in the brain and therefore you don’t feel motion sickness with WalkOVR. WalkOVR also provides an infinite space of movement to VR users; which can not be even provided by the new generation motion controllers like HTC Vive’s or Oculus’.
If you use WalkOVR, then you are free to move in VR.
“WalkOVR changes the game play”.

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