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The subscription economy continues to grow at a rapid rate. Yet many transactional businesses don’t have any tools or know-how to adapt their businesses to a subscription model. SubGen is reinventing the subscription engine that will cover the transactional economy as well. We are providing everything a transactional business needs to launch and manage its subscription business with minimal technical requirements. All potential subscription SaaS solutions were established 2011 or before – a simpler time when subscriptions were all about just recurring billing. The focus of these companies is on billing and reporting tools and is designed for only subscription-dependent businesses. To address this problem, SubGen provides modules to create end-to-end subscriptions that connect with a physical Point-of-Sale system. Furthermore, by providing a location and time-based solutions for subscription management and by providing technical integration to bridge the online and offline world, SubGen’s focus is on transforming transactional businesses to a meaningful subscription business from scratch.

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