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Smart Advice Financial Technologies

Smart Advice is a Turkish FinTech providing financial solutions, particularly for pension and wealth management industries focusing on human-computer interaction and behavioural finance. Its main aim is to create new financial products and design a new financial experience by offering an all-in-one solution including robo-advise, chatbot, gamification and social trade.

Innovation is one of the top issues in the financial services sector that all institutions want to advance. They see innovation as one of the most important strategic values for both increasing their financial performance and presence in the market. The future of financial services is reshaped by disruptive innovations. However, there is no clear evolutionary path for creating and achieving innovations. In addition, business models are not defined properly.

The main areas for innovation include empowered investors, process externalization, crowd funding, alternative lending, shifting customer preferences, new market platforms, smarter and faster machines, and cashless world. At Smart Advice, we’ve zeroed in on empowered investors, providing a next-generation experience, innovative solutions, and a new business model.

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