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Robotic.Mobi is a cloud based, artificial intelligence supported, test automation system.

Application developers need platforms to test their applications on different devices to report bugs. To solve this problem some companies choose most popular devices and test applications manually on those devices. But this method increases hardware cost, extends test process and consume much more human resource. Softwares can give error depending on brand, device model, operating system and properties of devices. On the market there are 18796 device models and 150 of them are the most popular. To meet the minimum requirements test process should cover mentioned 150 devices. A test expert can test a fair-sized software approximately in between two and seven days. So, this will cost 150×2 = 300 and 150×7 = 1050 days of work. Our project will decrease the needed device count to one and test process to two days. project attributes :

  • Test script will be generated without coding or commands by test experts. This process of a software will be converted to script by our software.
  • Test scripts will be saved on cloud.
  • Hundreds of devices will be available for automotized tests.
  • Test scripts can be generated on mobile devices which will be remotely controllable. Companies will not need to buy devices.
  • Test scripts will be managed and edited on cloud.
  • After generation of scripts, without need to test expert, scripts can re-run on on devices at any time.
  • Test results (logs, application performance, screen captures etc.) will be reported in detail. Application start duration, response time, transaction, cpu usage,memory usage ve battery consumptions will be considered within test results..
  • Continious testin is also supported. Our software will be able to integrate with application development and management environments (Jira, Android Studio, TFS, Jenkins, Git etc.) Test results will assign tasks to testers automatically.
  • Firstly we will support android and in the near future three biggest operating systems will be supported.
  • Our system will store test result and analyze this data. Thanks to big data analytics results we will warn testers on common bugs.
  • Usability tests will be also covered. Color mismatches, screen positioning, component positions etc. will be analyzed.


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