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Reminis is a digital photo distribution service that allows an event attendee to get her/his photos taken by others in crowded events by using facial recognition.

ABOUT Reminis

Reminis is an innovative photo-finding platform that uses artificial intelligence to connect the photographs to the photographed, as seamlessly as it should be.

With Reminis, every photo of you and your family, taken by others, is delivered to your smartphone. Whether youíre at a sporting event, concert, amusement park, wedding, tourist attraction, camp, race, or just chilliní at a friendís BBQ, Reminis finds your photos and delivers them to you. Reminis uses a novel facial recognition and a proprietary spatial algorithm to match your photos with you instantly, exponentially faster than any other product on the market. For more info, read more about Reminis in CNN Turk(, Webrazzi(, Hurriyet (, THY INVEST ON BOARD (

Reminis Ads

Reminis Ads is a revolutionary photo and marketing tool for event planners. Event organizers can now deliver attendees their photos via Reminis’ fun and easy-to-use mobile platform, while at the same time amplifying their brand through in-app branding and one-tap social sharing.

Reminis PRO

Reminis Pro is a photo delivery and sales solution for professional photographers. Its innovative platform changes the process from an antiquated hunt and peck, high latency, one-off commerce transaction to a push system where the customer is delivered their photo needles out of the proverbial album haystack directly to their smartphone, in real-time, with one-click purchasing.

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