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Raklet is the cloud-platform for associations to build, manage, monetize and grow their communities.

Raklet is a Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Alumni company and winner of Global Dragons Den Mobile Money & Digital Payments.

People create associations because they share common causes, passions and interests. Unfortunately, their inspiring ideas often meet inefficient management and tools. That’s where we come in. We’ve are building Raklet to support communities such as associations, non-profits, clubs from all around the world to grow their organization

Raklet provide tools that would strengthen the bonds within their community and let them raise more funds with our technology.

We have built
– a subscription business
– a payment platform where we receive transaction commissions
– a social network

We have %32.76 MoM since the beginning of the year and we have reached 1873 organizations worldwide with 245.000 registered members on our platform.

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