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Poi creates real time instant interactions bringing the real world into the mobile for better experiences. Poi provides BLE beacon hardware, the software components and the resources to meet any customer’s needs without the involvement of another supplier. Poi delivers location based services in 3 main areas: Indoor Navigation, Advanced Analytics and Marketing Platform.

• Poi provides accurate navigation services for closed places like shopping malls, museums and solves the accessibility problem for them. Thanks to indoor navigation visually disabled people can easily find their way indoors. Poi Indoor Navigation is also used to provide indoor audio tours. This tool is used by our customers when they want to provide directions the visitors to the product, stand or point where they want to go and our customer can offer different tour options for its customers. Poi makes easier to explore complex areas.
• Poi Analytics is in-store customer behaviour analysis let them understand the physical world by tracking real time in-store traffic, power hours, walk-by etc. Poi Analytics is similar to what Google Analytics do with digital world. Big Data from your physical spaces is available with Poi now. Based on these data, you can create more targeted campaigns and manage your employees efficiently.
• Poi Marketing Platform enables its customers to introduce the right product at the right time and right place in the store. It increase the visitor engagement with complementary products and personalized instant offers through their habits. The brands who desire to increase in-store traffic, achieve that goal with a better shopping experience provided by Poi Marketing Platform.

Poi is focused on location based technologies to enriching the mobile moments and provides fully customizable and flexible solutions from beacon to SDK, platform to operation and installation.

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