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Piri is an audio walking tour app that allows you to explore the city as you listen to its stories from the best guides. Founded in 2016 and based in Istanbul, Turkey and London, UK.

The cities that we travel to or live in contain many unique stories within their buildings, streets or squares. Most of us walk by these treasures without even realising it, or take a quick Instagram picture and move on. Nevertheless, we believe that loving begins with getting to know and getting to know starts with listening to stories. The buildings, streets, and squares of the city are revived through their stories; they tell all kinds of things to those that listen.

We have developed Piri application with these travelers that enjoy discovering on our minds. The most travelling guide of Turkey, Saffet Emre Tonguç narrated the unknown stories of Istanbul for Piri Istanbul. The Anatolian sage, Turkolog Ali Canip Olgunlu blended his stories with his knowledge of history, mythology, and art to share them in Piri Anatolia tours. World-famous gourmand, Vedat Milor shares his delightful experiences in Piri Gourmet Tours and Erkan Altınok, one of the best sound engineers of Turkey decorated these stories with unique music and sound effects tailored specifically for each tour.The location-based technology and the mapping developed for Piri transform the tours into an uninterrupted narrative experience. You can watch a short clip about Piri experience here. https://goo.gl/yXFLzH

In 2018, we are aiming to enlarge our tours by working local guides of top European cities, seeing over 100M visitors every year.

Piri is among the startups founded by YGA graduates with the aim to raise funds for YGA projects. YGA is a non-governmental non-profit organization that focuses on the fields of science and technology to assist disadvantaged groups such as visually disabled, orphans and Syrian students.

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