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We are Turkey’s most experienced predictive personalization company. We help 10 million online shoppers make intelligent purchasing decisions. Executives from Turkey’s leading online retailers including Morhipo, Mavi, Defacto trust our real time predictive personalization technology.

Our mission is to democratise predictive marketing technology solutions to reach wider audiences. Hence we’re not helping only Turkish eCommerce sites but also hundreds of small to mid-sized online stores from Indonesia to Brazil boost their revenues.

Each day we produce over 7 million personalized recommendations with our advanced AI algorithms. We love challenge and work hard to turn good ideas into great results. Our solutions have been used to personalize 1B pages, so far. We deliver personalized product recommendations on web and mobile, personalized banner, brand, campaign lists on web and mobile, personalized product recommendations on e-mails and automated and personalized e-mails.

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