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The subscription economy continues to grow at a rapid rate. Yet many transactional businesses don’t have any tools or know-how to adapt their businesses to a subscription model. SubGen is reinventing the subscription engine that will cover the transactional economy as well. We are providing everything a transactional business needs to launch and manage its subscription business with minimal technical requirements. All potential subscription SaaS solutions were established 2011 or before – a simpler time when subscriptions were all about just recurring billing. The focus of these companies is on billing and reporting tools and is designed for only subscription-dependent businesses. To address this problem, SubGen provides modules to create end-to-end subscriptions that connect with a physical Point-of-Sale system. Furthermore, by providing a location and time-based solutions for subscription management and by providing technical integration to bridge the online and offline world, SubGen’s focus is on transforming transactional businesses to a meaningful subscription business from scratch.

  • Address Levent
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Job Description

We are looking for a ‘’Product Development Specialist’’ to work in product development team and create outstanding products&results in an innovative tech company. In this position, you will:

  • Define Visions
  • Absorb the product.
  • Collect feedback.
  • Drive products roadmap; conceptualize and define features and to-dos.
  • Create the Plans
  • Add benefits of projects.
  • Create time-integrated tasks with your own team.
  • Talk with other teams to make the plan perfect and prioritize features and tasks according to their feedback.
  • Define product’s goal.
  • Define Teams
  • Know your colleagues, choose them wisely.
  • Assign them to projects while communicate with other teams like IT, Marketing, Design etc., according to their timeline and specialty.
  • Make sure they understand their roles and aim of the project.
  • Operate Tasks
  • Communicate with other teams and colleagues to check if they really understand the tasks and project itself in every step.
  • Help everyone communicate with each other in optimal time for higher success.
  • Control and let project flow in right way which is the goal that defined in the beginning.
  • Test and Publish
  • Manage project execution, A/B test, UI/UX wireframe, and define product roll-out strategy
  • Report
  • Work closely with Product Director & CEO and report the results of every project of every product with detailed presentation.

Job Requirements

1-Passionate about internet technologies and movies
2-Bachelor degree in engineering, economics or business administration from a reputable university, MBA is a plus
3-Experience in both Turkey&U.S. Market is a plus
4-Min 2-year experience with product and project management.
5-Strong understanding of IT
6-An initiative and results-oriented individual with strong communication, cross-functional problem solving skills and creativity skills,
7-Strong analytical skill & is required,
8-High proficiency with MS Office Applications
9-Familiarity with SEO, SEM, Display Advertising, Retention Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Analytics, Advertising on Facebook and on Mobile Platforms
10-Ability to analyze reports and to design predictive models are plus
11-Ability to work in flexible work hours and easy transportation to Levent is plus
12-Fluency in written and spoken English


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