Jr. Backend Developer

We are looking for junior backend developers who will join our team in our main office at Kagithane, Istanbul.

What You Will Be Doing

– Developing new web applications and maintaining existing software

– Working in a containerized continuous deployment flow

– Staying ahead of the curve by always looking into the newest innovations and the latest and greatest technologies

– Keeping up with the fast-paced environment of a very successful startup


– Entry level experience in one of the following languages: PHP, Python, JavaScript, Golang

– Entry level experience in an RDBMS database / SQL

– Basic Git skills

– Ability to work on a Mac or a Linux workstation

– Energetic personality and a drive for self-improvement

– Proficiency in English

What You Will Be Learning

– Designing and writing cloud-native applications (AWS, GCP)

– Getting a chance to improve yourself in a field you love most (Software Architecture, Databases, DevOps, Containerization, etc.)

– Expert skills in RDBMS and NoSQL databases

– Data engineering principles, data mining, machine-learning

More Information

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