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Hi there! Yes, you. You may be surprised that a job posting is actually calling you out and speaking to you. Unique? Yes. Captivating? Definitely. Now that we’ve got your attention and interest, let us explain why you should apply for a position at Mobile Action.

When it comes to Mobile Action, we aren’t your ordinary tech start-up. We like to live life differently and stand out in the crowd. We’re based in the center of one of Turkey’s top universities’ tech hubs, operating within a niche that’s very quickly becoming a massive market.

Ever heard of ASO? Probably not, but as I said, we’re highly specialized and a leader in our niche. Mobile action is an App Store Optimization (ASO) and App Intelligence tool. We strive to help Mobile Marketers and App developers on a daily basis, to promote their app’s visibility and downloads.

ASO is only a part of our identity. Our services span Market Intelligence, Ad Intelligence as well as SDK Intelligence. We’ve also got a completely separate dashboard dedicated to running and scaling Apple Search Ads, called, We don’t like to brag, but we consider ourselves, practically the whole package.

We’re the only firm in all of Turkey that’s currently offering such a service. With offices all around the world, we’ve got our HQ based in sunny San Francisco, as well as other international offices in Tokyo and London.

Applying for this job will be the first step you take in your international career within this industry. Starting from the very basics of sales, you’ll learn how to find potential clients, reach out to them, begin conversations with multinational companies and much more. You’ll experience connecting with a part of the world that you may have never had access to before.

With our smooth onboarding processes, you’ll be groomed and submerged into the team with ease. You’ll enjoy every step of the learning process as our team is very open and welcoming to new members, making sure they feel valuable and comfortable within the work environment.

If you’ve made it to this point, you’re clearly already beaming with joy and have a huge smile plastered on your face. You think you’re ready. You’re itching to hit apply. You want to be a member of the Mobile Action Mafia. If you meet the below criteria, what are you waiting for?


– Extremely proficient communication skills with fluency in English

– Organized and methodical in your approach to work-related tasks

– Capable of working with full autonomy and minimal supervision

– Very skilled with spreadsheet related software (MS Excel, Google Sheets)

– Comfortable and eager to work in a fast-paced work environment

– Possessing 1-2 years experience within a related field or are a fresh graduate

– Willing to accept the fact your parents may find out you joined the Mafia

BONUS: Already knowledgeable about ASO tools and how they work

BONUS: You’ve got prior experience working for Ad Networks/Agencies


– Locate and identify potential leads to establish communication with

– Reach out to leads in order to qualify them

– Strategize and experiment with various lead generation techniques/tools

– Keep track of personal KPIs and reports on performance

– Work under Sales team directors and account managers

– Schedule and qualify calls/demos for the sales teams

We look forward to reviewing your application and welcoming you to be a part of the Mafia.

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